Tombeek Plage & Ateliers is a new LOCATION for WORKSHOPS, EVENTS & PARTIES

The name “TOMBEEK PLAGE” was given to this place back in the 5Oties. There was a sand beach and a natural swimming pond where people from the city came to spent their time. Altough the beach (la PLAGE) and the pond are still ” in restauration” we kept the name and hope to swim here again one day. But even without beach there is still 4 acres of nature with a river running trough, pic nic spots by the river and under the apple trees, an industrial loft like “Atelier” charmingly furnished, and that only 20 min from Leuven, 30 min from Brussels and 40 from Antwerp (but on some spots you feel like in France.)

We believe in a low impact approach, we believe in reusing existing stuff like vintage and antiques,, we believe in creativity,we believe in suistainability,we believe going green can be stylish and luxuriuos, when luxury means enjoying whats scarce: fresh air,space, care,time together.

We feel entertaining should become again  uncomplicated, and come naturaly. We meet more and more poeple who simply want to come together and share good moments . Altough the place is great for big festivities, it is especially great from smaller gatherings of friends and family.
@ “Tombeek Plage & Ateliers” we warmly welcome families, creative professionals, happy friends and as much kids as possible. You can come here and create your own parties, events, private gatherings, exhibitions, workshops…

We’re not linked to catering services so you can decide yourself how you spent you’re budget.There is street side parking, restrooms, and and seperate area to “prepare” but not cook, food. We can suggets you plenty of trendy options to cover that part. However when organizing a wedding here from 2017 on we only rent to couples working with Sara en Liesbeth from HOTEL CHEVALIER.

Enjoy surfing around to gather information and to get inspired.

See you soon ! Anne Marie Vandeputte & Kris Goris                    © January 2012



We spreken Nederlands en de vertaling van de site is onderweg.

On parle Français, la traduction de ce site est en route.

Welcome@ Tombeek Plage&Ateliers


  1. GdL


  2. Hallo,

    Wanneer is dat event met eten en elpees?

    Eliane Belgrado

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